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What is the secret of our Campurrianas biscuits?

Respect for tradition.

Each day, we roll out and bake our most rustic style biscuit with great care.

Thanks to their traditional elaboration, they have been preserving an unmistakable flavour for generations, and a unique and spongy texture, ideal for dipping in milk.

Unique and inimitable.

Campurrianas Original

For generations, Campurrianas biscuits have preserved the unmistakable flavour of the rustic pastries that were handmade in the village bakeries and in grandmothers' ovens.

With a smell, texture and sensation on the palate that cannot be achieved otherwise.

That's why we keep on doing it like they've been done all our lives.

Biscuit of Campurrianas Original Pack of Campurrianas Original

Campurrianas Mini Campurrianas

The classic Campurrianas recipe in mini size. With nothing missing and no rush.

Serve yourself some Mini Campurrianas Churrusco biscuits and dip them in a big bowl of warm milk.

Great pleasure in small doses, also ideal for sharing with the family.

Biscuit of Campurrianas Mini Campurrianas Pack of Campurrianas Mini Campurrianas

Campurrianas Chocolate Chips

Can you imagine adding some delicious chocolate chips to your Campurrianas? A combination as traditional as magical.

Biscuit of Campurrianas Chocolate Chips Pack of Campurrianas Chocolate Chips

Campurrianas 0% Sugar Added

The 0% variety offers you an alternative to enjoy the same Campurrianas as always but with no added sugar and without sacrificing on flavour.

Biscuit of Campurrianas 0% Sugar Added Pack of Campurrianas 0% Sugar Added

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