Biscuits with soul


Cuétara's history is an exciting tale of more than 80 years of effort and love for the craft of biscuit making.
We invite you to travel with us in time, decade after decade, generation after generation. Always with respect for our traditional craft, but with an innovative character. Proud to stay the way we've always been while at the same time trying to always be better.


Born in Cantabria

Cuétara originates in northern Spain, in the beautiful Liébana Valley, located in the heart of Cantabria.
The company's founders, Juan and Florencio Gómez Cuétara, were born there and lived there very humbly in their early years.

Photos of the natural landscapes of Cantabria and a map of Cantabria


Mexico as a destination

From 1906 until the 1920s, six children from the Gómez Cuétara family emigrated to Mexico in search of a better future.
In America they created families and prospered in different commercial activities during the difficult years of the Mexican Revolution.

Photo of the six Gómez Cuétara siblings who emigrated to Mexico

The six Gómez Cuétara siblings who emigrated to Mexico: Standing, from left to right, Juan, Florencio and Raimundo. Sitting, Isaac, Paula and Pedro.


A dream comes true

Juan and Florencio, the youngest brothers, always dreamed of having their own company. In 1932 they founded their first factory making pasta for soup, which they named 'La Espiga'.

Photo of Juan Gómez Cuétara at work in September 1922


The first Cuétara biscuits are born

In the summer of 1935, in Mexico City, the company evolves and is renamed Galletas Gómez Cuétara.

Drawings of the first Cuétara biscuits


Success and recognition

The brand always had commercial success in America. The wide acceptance of Cuétara biscuits allows for a second factory to be opened in the city of Veracruz in 1945.

Photo of the Cuétara factory in Mexico

Even today in Mexico, the Cuétara brand, totally independent from Cuétara Europa, continues to be marketed and is one of the most popular and beloved brands on the continent.


The long-awaited return to Europe

The Gómez Cuétara brothers never forgot their origins and longed to return.
In 1946, Florencio and Juan return to Spain, together with their families, ready to repeat their achievements in America in Europe.

Brochures and the boat of a transatlantic company


The dream continues in Spain

Juan and Florencio create a new company, Gómez Cuétara Hnos. (G.C.H.), after purchasing a small biscuit factory in Santander.

Old logo Galletas G. C. H. Marca Internacional Gómez Cuétara de España


Reinosa begins to make history

In that year, the first large Cuétara factory in Spain was opened. It was there that the original recipes for many of the cookies we still enjoy today were created and developed for the first time.

Illustration of the Reinosa factory and photo of a Surtido pack


Soul, effort and passion

In the 1960s, Cuétara opens factories throughout Spain, becoming a well-known and well-loved brand. In 1964 it becomes Cuétara S.L.U., which it still is today, and separates from the company of the same name in Mexico.

Photographs of the Villarejo de Salvanés factory

The factory in Villarejo de Salvanés was opened in 1964 and is still one of the most modern in Europe.


Cuétara fala Português

In the '70s the internationalisation process begins with the purchase of the company Bolachas de Portugal.

Photo of the modern Cuétara factory in Pombal

In 1973, the modern Cuetara factory in Pombal was opened.


Generational change

In the '80s, founders Juan and Florencio, due to their old age, give way to the second generation of the family, which continues to lead the company's process of modernisation and expansion.

ID photos of Juan and Florencio Gómez Cuétara. Brochures and stamps for the 50th birthday of Cuétara in 1985

In 1985, Cuetara celebrated its 50th birthday.


A giant step forward

Cuétara merges with SOS Arana Alimentación. The SOS Cuétara Group is born and becomes one of the main food groups in Spain.

Photos of Cúetara biscuits and SOS Arana Alimentación rice


Historic alliances

Cuétara continues with its growth, modernisation and expansion. In 2008, the biscuit division of the SOS Cuétara Group was integrated into Nutrexpa, a prestigious and innovative food group founded in 1940.

Photo of a handshake

In 2014, the Ferrero and Ventura families, which founded Nutrexpa, created two new groups: Idilia Foods and Adam Foods.

Logo of Nutrexpa


Cuétara and Adam Foods

Since 2015, Cuétara, together with all its biscuit varieties and products, has been part of the Adam Foods Group, led by the Ventura family.
Every day we continue to make biscuits with soul. New and traditional recipes. With the same passion and enthusiasm for more than 80 years.

Tablet playing an advertisement featuring Adam Foods' products

Adam Foods markets internationally prestigious brands such as Artiach, Phoskitos, La Piara, Granja San Francisco, Caramelos Pez and Caldos Aneto, among others.

Logo of Adam Foods

Thank you to all those who, with their effort, generosity and talent, have brought us here.
With your inspiration, the great history of Cuétara continues...

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