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Cuétara biscuits with Avenacol help to reduce cholesterol 100% naturally.

They are suitable for the whole family, even for people who do not have high cholesterol.

Family of products associated with the Spanish Heart Foundation's Commitment to Improvement.

Avenacol Rústica

Created for you to enjoy the delicious flavour and texture of oat biscuits.

Rich in beta-glucan, the natural soluble dietary fibre that is our heart's friend. Eating 3g of oat beta-glucan a day will help you maintain your healthy cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Biscuit of Avenacol Rústica Pack of Avenacol Rústica

Avenacol Digestive

Traditional oat biscuits with a high content of natural fibres.

Avenacol Degistive offers the benefits of fibre-rich foods, together with the benefits of beta-glucan, which helps to reduce your blood cholesterol levels.

Enjoy their natural flavour and characteristic texture.

Biscuit of Avenacol Digestive Pack of Avenacol Digestive

Avenacol Corazones de Avena

Breakfast cereals, made exclusively with Scandinavian oat bran, high in beta-glucan and 0% added sugar.

These small, appetising hearts are delicious and also help you to reduce blood cholesterol levels day after day.

Biscuit of Avenacol Corazones de Avena Pack of Avenacol Corazones de Avena

Avenacol Rústica 0% Azúcares Añadidos

Contains Avenacol, a product that comes directly from oats, specifically from bran, which is found in the outer layers of the grain and does not undergo any treatment to alter its properties.

Explore the benefits of a food rich in beta-glucan, now without added sugar.

Biscuit of Avenacol Rústica 0% Azúcares Añadidos Pack of Avenacol Rústica 0% Azúcares Añadidos

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